About us

Headwaters Biotech Advisors work with CEOs and other C-suite executives to deliver uniquely individualized programs designed to help biotechnology executives navigate the challenges of leadership and management in today’s complex technical, business, and social environment.

Biotech Headwater

The Sykes Hot Springs, United States

What’s in a Name

The name ‘Headwaters Biotech Advisors’ is core to our mission and operational philosophy. In nature, the headwaters of a river usually start with a source spring or glacier high in the mountains, and ultimately, with the right geography and a healthy ecosystem build into massive rivers that support and nurture millions of lives.

Similarly, a few committed souls with a passion for impact and a dose of good science can, if appropriately nurtured with capital and helmed by skilled and supported leaders, develop therapeutics which can change millions of lives for the better.

“You, our clients, are the headwaters of the biotech industry.”

Craig Wheeler–
CEO, Headwaters Biotech Advisors

The Team

The advisors at Headwaters Biotech have been specifically selected for their unparalleled success, experience and unique understanding of the …