Craig Wheeler

Founder and CEO

Craig Wheeler

Founder and CEO

Craig Wheeler’s approach to advising is an innovative combination of experience, active listening, analysis and honesty.  He uses lessons learned throughout his own professional journey along with in-depth critical situational assessment of a client’s needs and desires to construct unique bespoke solutions to help guide top Biotech executives.


Craig has an extensive range of experiences as a CEO, President, Partner, Board Chair and Engineer as well as seats on many boards in Pharm, Biotech, healthcare and education.  He has been directly responsible for guiding start-ups and rescues alike to critical success as well as M&A sales totaling in excess of $20B.  This diverse background gives Craig unique perspective and insight into the challenges that C-Suite leaders face.

Jo-Ann Beltramello

Senior Advisor – Organizational Development & Executive Coach

Bruce A. Leicher

Senior Advisor – Law, Regulatory and Government Relations


Senior Advisor – Development

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Senior Advisor – Research

Keith A. Katkin

Senior Advisor – Headwaters Biotech Advisors • West