Keith A. Katkin

Senior Advisor - Headwaters Biotech Advisors • West

Keith A. Katkin

Senior Advisor - Headwaters Biotech Advisors • West

Keith is a highly accomplished and visionary business leader with an exceptional track record in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical sectors. With a career spanning several decades, Keith has demonstrated an innate ability to lead teams, build pipelines, and drive transformative growth to deliver innovative therapeutic products that impact the lives of many.


Keith has diverse leadership experience at both small privately held companies and large publicly traded companies and has led multiple companies through IPOs and acquisitions. His extensive experience as a CEO, President, and Board Chair, along with his strategic insights gained from serving on multiple boards have given him broad and deep perspective on the challenges faced by C-Suite leaders. His commitment to innovation, strategic acumen, and transformative leadership position him as an esteemed business consultant sought after by top executives seeking keen insights and expert guidance.

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